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Thank you Herb for all of your patience and excellent job in explaining the reverse mortgage program and loan process to us. The loan processor was very helpful, knowledgable and kept us informed through the entire process.

Betty and Dave B.
Oct 2014

The first time I met Herb, I felt comfortable wtih him because I knew right away that he was a nice and honest person. He is knowledgeable and patient. I am so glad I met Herb and he helped me with both my first RM and my refinance of my new one.

Maryalice C.
March 2014

I want to thank both you and Herb for being such wonderful and kind people. I am so grateful to you both for everything you did for me. Without your generosity, patience and help throughout my loan process, I would not have been able to close my reverse mortgage. I am feeling much better now and happier too because I finally am able to update my house and have the additional income I need each month to cover my expenses. Herb is so patient and kind and easy to talk to. I am lucky to have met Herb and for both of you helping me with both my first RM and the one that just closed.

Sally S.
Jan 2014

There is no way I could have gotten my reverse mortgage without your ability to resolve the complicated hurdles that had to be worked out. Thank you just does not seem enough. I will always be grateful to you for everything you did for me. It was so nice of you to come to my house to review all of the information on how a reverse mortgage works and to come again with the loan application and with the closing documents. Your service is rare today.

Jackie H.
November 2013

Herb and you are the best and the most knowledgeable professionals Jim and I have ever worked with. Your expertise resulted in resolving the difficult challenges that occured during the processing of our loan.

I will always recommend you to any of our friends who are considering a reverse mortgage.

Carol Y.
April 2013

“Herb Hofvendahl made me feel quite comfortable throughout the process and I am grateful. Thank you.”
- Mrs. D

“Herb was very good to explain the reverse mortgage program and I am well satisfied.”
- Mr. S

“Herb was very helpful. We are very much indebted to his professional help.”
- Mr. K and Mr. C

“Knowing and dealing for the first time with Mr. Hofvendahl was an outstanding experience. Thank God.”
- Mr. and Mrs. L

“Herb was always helpful with this loan. He was available when needed, returned phone calls promptly and stuck with us the whole process.”
- Mrs. K

“Would not change a thing. You are really with the ball”
- Mrs. A

“I was completely satisfied with all information that was provided. I give him 100%”
- Mrs. M.A.

“We were very comfortable dealing with Herb. He is knowledgeable in his field. Thanks Herb!”
- Mr. and Mrs. T

"I feel like you (Herb) are my friend now.  You have been so kind and patient with me and were so nice to spend extra time visiting with Mr. J, when we signed the final documents.”  Being older, people try and take advantage of us, but you both are so honest.  I felt so comfortable with you Herb, from the first time you came to my house to meet me and my granddaughter to explain how the reverse loan worked.  You were so helpful and made the loan go so smoothly.”

Mr. and Mrs. J were living on a small amount of money from social security.  Mr. J, is 94 and blind, and needs some assistance.  Mrs. J is 84 and needed help taking care of Mr. J. The J’s did not have the money to pay for his care, dental work or to put a ramp in for Mr. J’s wheel chair access.  Now that they have income from their reverse mortgage, the J’s now have money to pay for all their needs.  In addition, they were able to help their grandchildren financially... 

"I can’t think of any better way you could have done this for me. It was low key, no push, and from the very beginning Herb conveyed an honest and trustworthy feeling."

Mrs. B needed a new foundation and wanted to update her kitchen. At 85, she used her savings to cover the increasing cost of food, prescriptions and other living expenses. The amount of money Mrs. B received from her reverse mortgage will pay for her new foundation, new kitchen updates and income to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

Mrs. B called to let us know that “my foundation is coming along and I will be glad to have my new kitchen cabinets.  Thank you for helping me with getting all those repair estimates, it was so overwhelming for me.  I feel so glad I can call you to ask questions, even though I got my reverse mortgage a few months ago”.

Mr. and Mrs. H. got a reverse mortgage to have extra money for when they needed it.
Mrs. H called us recently.  “We certainty are enjoying our reverse mortgage.  Herb did a great job.  We feel fortunate to have met Herb.  He is a very nice man.”

Mrs. C is disabled.   She incurred some medical expenses that created a shortfall each month.   As a result, she was unable to make the last two mortgage payments.   By obtaining her reverse mortgage, she paid off her current mortgage, (giving her that $1200.00 for her monthly expenses); all remaining medical expenses and has additional money available in her reverse mortgage line of credit.   Mrs. C has more income each month to live on.   Since she has had her reverse mortgage earlier this year, Mrs. C has called me twice to tell me how happy she is and that she sleeps soundly now every night.

Mrs. S contacted me to tell me that she just turned 71 and wants to retire, so that she can spend some time with her family. She said that there was no way she could retire and continue making her mortgage payment.   By obtaining a reverse mortgage, she was able to payoff her mortgage and have an additional amount of money in a line of credit.   Mrs. S called me within a month of closing her reverse mortgage to tell me that she is now retired and spending time with her grandchildren, son and daughter.

Mrs. M wanted to get a reverse mortgage so that she could continue taking her annual cruise for two weeks with her friends. She was afraid that the she would not be able to have fun with her friends in the coming years, as she did not have extra money for vacations any more. Mrs. M called me the month after she returned from her cruise to say thank you so much for making my life fun again.

Mr. H completed his Reverse Mortgage with Simple Reverse Mortgage Solutions in November and said that the staff was "cheerful, sincere, and helpful". "Herb understood everything he was talking about. If I didnít understand something I would question him and I always understood after he made it clear." Ė Mrs. S

"I was very pleased and assured at all times. It was done in an excellent, respectful and professional manner. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend SRMS"
- Ursula R

"Thank you for all of your hard work. I will be sure to refer you to anyone I meet who might need your help".
- Valerie D

"Very satisfied". "I will certainly have some one call you if they need the information"
- George M

We have changed or abbreviated names to protect individuals' privacy.

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