The Golden Years

By Vance Oliphat

Just down the road....around the bend,
Old age will use to pretend.
Hair will turn gray, what isn't lost;
Some will try to save, whatever the cost.
Aches and pains you've never felt before;
Just a little activity makes the muscles sore.
Eyesight changes will make glasses a must,
And, to a hearing aid, you might have to adjust.
Teeth will be kept in a cup at night,
And Ben Gay will become a common sight.
Bathroom trips will become more frequent then,
And most nights you'll retire long before ten.
Things you try to remember will slip away;
To suddenly come to the very next day.

Your doctor will insist that you watch your weight;
You'll have to be careful what you put on your plate.
When you mourn family and friends that pass away,
Just remember you will meet them another day.
Old age won't be'll be free as the birds,
Although some folks think they are two nasty words.
If we approach it with positive thoughts in mind,
We may find those years surprisingly kind.
We should think of those years as a dividend, Just down the road....around the bend.